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in oklahoma and texas where a terrible drought continues. for us, more showers tomorrow, a most unusual july day. it will stay below 80 degrees. i know you want to hear about it. >> we look the below 80's. tonight's rainfall is the last thing people in parts of the district want to see especially those living in the flood-ravaged bloomingdale section of the district and the clean-up efforts. >> this area, as you know, has flooded badly for a number of years and for the last 10 days three different storms have hit and people are in anticipation of another. this is insane. this has become an all too familiar scene in the bloomingdale neighborhood. >> i never seen this ever in my life. >> when the residents came home 10 days ago they had three inches of water. >> that's not good. should we open the door? >> from the afternoon into the early evening -- residents prepared for the worst. >> packing sandbags. >> hoping to prevent more of this. jeremy has had to tear sheetrock off his walls and caused $10,000 worth of damage and shirley brown said it cost e
death comes as we also learned that actor sherman died at his home in el paso, texas. he was best known as -- for his of george jefferson on "the jeffersons." it is unclear how he died. he was 74 years old. show -- at popular threatening.s six stars of "modern family" together and suing 20 century fox. that contracts other works, from is illegal in california. they are also talking about caps. studios declined to comment. we love that show. .et's talk about the weather ready for a break? one day? we take what we can get. it is summer outside tonight. , sort oflot of clouds above us that did protect us from some of that weather that hit to our south. today wasemperature 93 -- 93. right now it is 83 degrees and less humid. earlier wind gusts around clarksburg, 41 miles per hour. not officially a severe storm was a little bit of spot that it had damaged. look at our temperatures. part of the country, droughte terrible continues. omaha and kansas city, 103 degrees. an idea of that more dry coming our way. spots like st. louis -- it was 107 degrees today. the record is 111. can you imagine t
their grandchildren, who visited from texas. it was not the best week to come. >> we lost power last night -- friday night. >> they wanted air-conditioning. >> tonight, their power is back and they are thrilled to be here. >> we are celebrating. >> one issue is the heat, that even for july. it never gets this tie-in -- hot in at ohio, where this family is from. >> is a little bit warmer. >> for many in the d.c. area -- >> about 18 years. >> this is a canned-this tradition. -- cannot mr. tradition. >> they come down like shooting stars. it is just gorgeous. >> as usual this year they did not disappoint. back out here live, look at the flags around the washington monument. over the last 10 or 15 minutes the wind has been picking up here on the national mall. over the last hour, we have seen a lot of lightning in the district toward virginia as well. thankfully, as many possible storms held off. not one drop of rain fell during or before the fireworks tonight. abc 7 news. >> thank you. hundreds of people across the country can call themselves citizens of the united states. abc 7 was at mount vernon for
hamburgers and french fries. a judge has sentenced a texas man to 22 years in prison for selling child pornography while he was at work. he worked at a wendy's drive through and would sell the pornography to customers who contacted him, but the buyers would use a password and he would slip a memory card into their food. >> i am shocked. >> horrified. >> very unusual. thought he was going to get away with it. >> police say the seized memory cards that images of children between the ages of 8 and 12 engaging in sex with other children and adults. >> police have identified a naked man who crashed a pickup truck into a dallas mall. investigators said arthur walker was covered with only a blanket when he drove his truck to the glass door of the sporting goods store. once inside, he stole some clothes and a pair of sneakers. walker is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. >> we will go straight into the weather. we had heavy rain across a good part of the area. this afternoon and evening fredericksburg had a lot of rain. the good news, all of the watches come up warnings, flash floo
at the espys tonight. he has been working out and texas. he hopes to be here tomorrow. he hopes to have a contract signed before the weekend. the orlando magic attempted to orchestrate a deal that would send dwight howard to the nets. talks broke down today and no deal for howard. the usa basketball team generating a lot of discussions. there are those that think this year's team could be the original dream team from 1992. c'mon, man. kobe was asked if it would be those guys. >> we could. it would be a match up to say the least. are dealing with all kinds of grapes. things that we have our our advantages, most of the guys on our team are in the their prime. the bigger question comes and what happens if a bird, magic, and those guys are in their prime like we are. >> come on. let's go fishing. the couple was fishing on myrtle beach outside this town house and they get a fish. been that bad guy in. what kind of fish is it? what's this? >> are you serious? look at the shark come and get that this. that is myrtle beach read on the dock behind a townhouse. >> are you serious? >> do not go fi
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5